Data Transformation

With the ever increasing volumes of data to manage and a myriad of  data sources and formats to extract from, data cleansing and preparation can be a time-consuming and difficult task – and more costly if you’re using IT to write scripts or apply hand-coding.

By utilizing Inonde, you get an easy-to-use approach combined with speed and scalability. Cloud or on-prem, make data transformation easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Data transformation solutions for the cloud

Switch to the most powerful and innovative approach to ETL and unlock your unstructured data. Traditional ETL is slower, complex, and requires heavy investment in IT resources.

Leverage your investment in people, to empower them to easily train the machine learning and make data transformation a more modern, automated, and streamlined process. With Inonde, purpose-built to support the individual while robust enough to scale at the enterprise level, you can easily transform your raw data to gain critical business insights.

Embrace a modern data transformation strategy

Cloud, sensors, and data collection points have quickly  changed the landscape and the way your business processes data – your organization needs a strategy to keep up with the data, without adding cost. When you use Inonde for data transformation, the fullness of your data comes to life. Simplicity, speed, scalability, and savings…can be realized.

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Revolutionize your ETL process to unlock the data

Our innovation and approach to the Extract and Load of  “ETL” empowers subject matter experts, not IT or Data Scientists and Engineers. Accelerating the IT and Data experts reduces their time on Data Prep while also providing the option to empower and leverage those who are most familiar with the data to do the data prep. Transformations are then applied in a machine learning approach to create workflows. This process results in data automation processing (DPA) with reusable templates and workflows. 

Benefit From Your Team's Expertise...

There will never be enough data scientists or engineering experts to keep up with the data. You need to benefit from the expertise you have already spent time recruiting and training. 

Empower your people to leverage the technology and streamline your workflows for faster and simpler transforms of raw data into AI Model-Ready data.

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