Everyone is Talking, but No One is Listening… The Challenge of AI in Healthcare Innovation

In 2017, the United States spent $3.5 trillion, 18% of our GDP, on healthcare expenditures. That comes out to almost $10,000 per person, which is twice the spending of other developed countries. 

And yet our healthcare falls short on a global scale. In fact, some lists rate the United States healthcare system as the 37th best in the country. So much spending, but so little results. Why?

The answer is “ANECDOCHE,” a word meaning, everyone is talking but no one is listening.

The healthcare industry can often be described as an anecdoche. Despite the trillions of dollars poured into our healthcare system, the fragmented nature of data and the lack of coordination between providers result in lower-quality patient care.

There are a multitude of moving parts in healthcare. Hospitals are merging or acquiring other hospitals and private practices. Insurers are expanding their capabilities. Providers are looking for creative ways to ensure they get paid and billing codes work. And all the while, health IT vendors undo all these efforts with proprietary software and database systems. 

Everyone is talking, but not to each other.

Despite enhanced methods and emerging technologies, our individual records have remained locked deep inside the vaults of software vendors. 

Until now…

With the rise of AI and machine learning, health operations can finally come together when it comes to patient care. Providers can communicate across disciplines in a seamless, transparent fashion. Stakeholders can use management insight to make important decisions. Administrative staff can focus on revenues instead of claims. We can do all this and so much more with data-driven insight.

With Inonde, all the different pieces of the healthcare system will continue talking, but finally to each other. Inonde lets everyone talk while the system listens. Inonde improves patient care, increases readiness, applies machine learning, and decreases costs.

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