4x ROI and Unparalleled Simplicity

Worldwide Government Expertise

Inonde brings the most innovative way to reduce cost while delivering the highest ROI. Our approach to training your AI models empowers anyone (regardless of their background, training, or experience) to apply a secure and scalable technology across data types, formats, databases, languages and dialects. You choose the level of service and security you want, from a premium fully managed service to flexible self-service.

We focus on the most time-consuming and costly aspect of any data project – cleaning, prep, and normalization. Let us support your ML/AI initiative, improve speed and accuracy of analytics, and empower your team by using Inonde’s technology to ensure the success of your mission. Production grade, proven past performance, multiple agencies, and a wide variety of use cases.

  • 20+ years working with US Government contracts

  • Platform and personnel with IC, Defense, Law Enforcement, and First Responder disaster recovery expertise

  • Haelthcare, PII data capability: ISO 27001 secure facilities, ISO 9001 operations,  HL7 standards (including FHIR), EDI X12 messaging, and more

The Inonde Difference

Higher Quality

Quality assurance CMMI review workflows, continuous integration and development (CI/CD), auditing of logs, and our highly-skilled services team to assist in teaching you how to apply machine learning to start structuring and labeling your data in minutes. The best people, most advanced technology, at the right price. 

Greater Speed & Scale

Automated Processing, leveraging machine learning and other techniques to create AI assisted capabilities like robotic and data processing automation (RPA / DPA), named-entity recognition, unstructured data enrichment, information extraction, model validation and precision targeting for query-result relevance.

Unstructured Specialty

The easiest technology on the market to use. So easy a “c@ve person” could do it! Yes, an intuitive approach that enables anyone to grab text, word docs, pdfs, surveys, paper records, scanned files, and in minutes create structured, readable, searchable, AI or Model ready data for immediate insights and predictive analytics.  

Security-First Solutions

Government agencies, law enforcement, and and healthcare agencies trust us to handle and provide secure services for their data needs. Highly secured, cellular level lock down, and 100% provenance of the data — so you can trust the result and your data remains protected.

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