Jazzing Up the Healthcare System

How Integrating Health Insurance Data Can Transform Healthcare

Originating in the early 19th century, jazz is a free-spirited and spontaneous form of music that places a heavy emphasis on musicians finding their own unique sound and style. Instead of reading music from a score, they make it up as they go along. Jazz has transformed lives, business, and the world. It provides the opportunity for creativity and is unceasingly inventive.

Inventiveness is critical to the future of healthcare. It is time to pick up the sax, find our creativity, and develop a unique style of handling health data. In the wake of the global pandemic, there is so much information in a wide variety of formats. Siloes are being erected unintentionally in the name of sharing data faster.

As healthcare continues to evolve and becomes more consumer-centric, the significance of value-based care increases. We all know health insurance has a critical role to play. This is a unique opportunity to come together and do more than just ‘gamify’ our Fitbits, sensors, and company health incentive checklists.  We can encourage healthier lifestyles, make use of personal data, deliver insightful individualized health analytics, and drive down costs as we apply machine learning and AI for the betterment of society.

But how?

Most health insurance firms can pull data from across a variety of systems—Sales Campaigns, Clinical Customer Service, Billing Records, Claims, to name a few. The variety and quantity of available information is growing exponentially. This can make a huge impact on payer decision-making, but firms must figure out how to use it first. That requires larger IT teams, expensive ETL processes, or costly technology initiatives.

In the words of Elwood Blues, if only we could “Get the band back together.”

If only we could unite the interactions from so many complex systems and create more personalized customer offerings as well as comprehensive 360-degree profiles representing customer personas. Firms continue to rely on transactional data, but this serves as only a snapshot of customer behavior. Transitioning to more comprehensive, health outcome-focused plans and programs requires unstructured data.

That’s where Inonde comes into the picture. We can:

  • Reduce costs by decreasing the complexity and redundancy of data collection
  • Automate delivery of data reports to business users to produce trusted analysis and consistent use of enterprise data
  • Empower data governance teams with visibility into who receives what data
  • Improve customer retention with consumer-centric offerings

It is time to be unceasingly inventive. It is time to transform healthcare into a field where every consumer can have a plan catering to their own unique needs. Healthcare needs to be like jazz, but we do not have to make it up as we go along.

Health insurance firms have a wealth of information, and all they have to do is “get the band back together.” Inonde has used inventiveness to connect disparate data from multiple systems, change customer engagement, and deepen the granularity around customer personas.

Want to know how? We’d love to tell you all about it.

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