Real-time Monitoring

Explore your brand’s online landscape with solutions that reveal keywords, influencers, and content that resonate with your audience. With these insights and authentic, unsolicited feedback from your audience, create strong customer experience strategies that breed customer loyalty. Additionally, keep up with industry trends and gain insights into your competitors’ strategies.

Identify Opportunities

Know which strategies are working for your brand and which aren’t. Discover your audience’s sentiment by utilizing social monitoring to listen to their discussions about your brand and products. Determine opportunities to meaningfully connect with your customers by identifying trends and patterns in their social behavior. Identify influencers and turn them into powerful brand advocates. Use them to expand your reach to more potential customers.

Monitor Campaigns

Learn how your marketing efforts are impacting your business and measure success across multiple channels with stunning visualizations that bring your social data to life. Understand your customers and leverage your brand’s positioning to better reach the audiences wanting to find you and reduce churn with your current customer base.

How we listen across social media

Listening where social happens.

Your strategies and decisions are only as good as the data they are derived from. That’s why we strive to bring you the best data and tools to guide you to useful information and insights.

See where you and your competitors are mentioned across websites, blogs, major social media networks, and tens of thousands of news outlet.

What we listen for with leading accuracy.

We listen for:
1. Gender detection
2. Noun phrase extraction (trending phrases)
3. Industry category tagging
4. Future/present/past tense detection
5. Author intent
6. Influencer score
7. Influencer ranking
8. Author follower count
9. Author Geo Location
10. Trending Actions

How can I use Inonde to Listen?

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