Technology Consulting Services for M&A

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Inonde was tasked to take a deep dive into a company’s technology prior to the acquisition as part of the due diligence process.  We also developed their go-to-market strategy “post-acquisition”.  The company acquired the asset, rapidly grew, and ultimately took the entire company to market and achieved an exit with a multiplier far higher than the market average.  From M&A to Complex Proposals…our team can help.

Unstructured Data in a Disaster

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Our client handles more than 2 million records annually. Documents are captured at the disaster site by snapping pictures and sending them to the main office as images inside of PDF files. We automate the entire process by providing automatic: ingest, scan, OCR, and structured data sets in a non-proprietary format without scripting or coding. Our solution delivers massive cost and time savings.

Non-Profits & Spreadsheet Challenges

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Our client is a global non-profit with 17,000 members in more than 11 countries. Over two decades, their systems for tracking payments, managing membership, and engaging with world leaders became overwhelming. We normalized and integrated the entire enterprise in less than 30 days and moved them to an improved system. With no disruption in service, we help create and improve your systems. 

Procurement & Supply Chain Audits

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Procuring and delivering items in the logistics world isn’t enough. Our Fortune 500 client needed a way to produce audit trails involving 1,400 domestic suppliers in 45 states and almost 1,000 international vendors across 17 countries. Our solution enabled Supply Chain Managers and Auditors to produce audit trails against paper documents without coding or scripting.  

What our clients are saying about us…

"Inonde changed the way we viewed our data and enabled us to transform our business while saving us money"
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